Every dog LOVES toys, right?! Especially when they’re still at a young age, dogs want to be entertained for quite some time during the day.

There are SO many toys available for purchase at pet stores, but does it always need to be an expensive doggy toy? No, not at all! With a bit of time and creativity, you can simply make your own toys or find affordable toys outside a pet store. They might not last as long, but will keep your dog occupied for a wee while.


Here are some ideas:

Tennis ball in sock. Well, that one’s pretty easy. All you need is an old sock and a tennis ball, and ta-da your doggy toy is done!

Paper roll. I always keep toilet & kitchen paper rolls for Ruby and Hazel. Especially when I don’t have time to play with them and they start getting naughty and bored, I give them a paper roll and they are super happy. Hazel loves throwing toys in the air, whereas Ruby chews everything to little pieces. Kitchen paper rolls are also great for tug of war games between two dogs.

Treats in paper roll. Put some treats in a paper roll and use plastic tape to cover the open ends of the paper roll. This is a great little game to stimulate your dog’s brain.

Treats in container. Wash out a small container (with lid) and fill half of it with doggy treats. For some extra fun, wrap plastic tape around the lid which will make it harder for the dog to get the treats.

Tennis ball wrapped in tape. This one’s super easy too! Wrap some plastic tape around a tennis ball, and challenge your dog to unwrap it. Ruby is obsessed with this toy, and I have never been worried that she would eat any of the plastic tape. However, I do not recommend this toy for puppies unless they are supervised while playing with it.

Long, robust string. One day, Ruby found this long, black gardening string in our garage and started dragging it through the garden. It has become one of her favourite toys, and Hazel and Ruby play tug of war with it quite often. $5-10 from Bunnings or Mitre 10.

The ‘Octopus’. Water toys for kids make perfect doggy toys! They are affordable and offer at least the same fun for our furry friends. We got an ‘Octopus’ for Ruby a few weeks ago and she absolutely loves it. If your dog likes chasing water (or a hose, just like Ruby), then you should seriously consider getting one of these for your dog. $10-15 from Mitre 10 or the Warehouse. SAFETY TIP: Make sure you put the Octopus away once you’ve finished playing, before your dog starts chewing on the soft ends.

Giant tennis ball. You might have seen a huge tennis ball in one of my latest photos on Facebook. No photoshop – a tennis ball this size actually exists! Ruby get so frustrated with it as she wants to grab it but it’s obviously too big to carry in her mouth. She makes the funniest noises, trying so hard to get the tennis ball from A to B. Around $10 from Mitre 10, SO worth it.

IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP: Please make sure you keep an eye on our dog while playing with any of these toys that have plastic tape wrapped around them. You don’t want him/her chewing on the plastic.