Every dog LOVES toys, right?! Especially when they’re still at a young age, dogs want to be entertained for quite some time during the day.

There are SO many toys available for purchase at pet stores, but does it always need to be an expensive doggy toy? No, not at all! With a bit of time and creativity, you can simply make your own toys or find affordable toys outside a pet store. They might not last as long, but will keep your dog occupied for a wee while.

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10 Safety Tips | Trail Adventures with your Dog

A few days ago, Ruby and I went on a big adventure in the Whakarewarewa Forest. From the Redwoods Visitor Centre, all the way to Green Lake and back, we ran & walked a total of 32km. While I strongly encourage you to go on adventures with your dog, you do need to be aware that not every breed is made for big adventures. The reason why I feel comfortable taking Ruby into the forest for a couple of hours is because she is a tough little farm dog, with crazy amounts of energy & she is bred to be outdoors, working on a farm, for hours and hours.

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Snow adventure!

10am in Rotorua. My partner Paul is sitting in front of his computer, scrolling down his Facebook feed and suddenly screams of excitement. ‘It’s snowing in Mamaku! But I think the snow could be gone already in one hour. Let’s go.. NOW!’ Me- ‘Oh, okay. Let me grab my camera and I’ll be ready to go’.

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