Frequently Asked Questions

From frequently asked questions about the photo session to weather changes, the most commonly asked questions are answered here. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please contact me.


Paw-in-new-Picture-Pawfect-logo How can I best prepare myself for the photo session?

One thing I always tell my customers before the photo session .. Be relaxed, and have fun! You may feel nervous, or you may be unsure of what to expect and how your dog will behave. Yet, it is very important that you are as relaxed and calm as you can during your photography session. Most dogs are very sensitive, and their behaviour will change quickly. For example, if you are nervous and tense, your dog will be too.

Paw-in-new-Picture-Pawfect-logo Does my dog have to be off-leash during the photo session?

Not at all. If you prefer to have your dog off-leash during your photo session, that’s perfectly fine. It would be ideal to have your dog on a long line during the session. This means your dog can run around but is still under control.
When editing your photos, I will make sure to remove the leash. You won’t even notice that your dog was on a leash the entire time.

Paw-in-new-Picture-Pawfect-logo My dog doesn’t always listen, and gets distracted very easily.

Isn’t every dog a bit naughty sometimes? I have worked with a lot of high-energy dogs, including my own. Starting your photo session with some play time always works magic. This will not only release some of your dog’s energy, it will also give me the chance to get amazing action shots. Although I would recommend that you take your dog for a walk before our session, to burn off a little bit of energy.

Paw-in-new-Picture-Pawfect-logo I have more than one dog, can you photograph all of them?

This depends on what photo session you have booked. The Premium Session includes up to 2 pets from the same household. The Senior Session and Mini Session only allow one pet. If you wish to bring another pet to the photography session, an additional charge of $50 per pet needs to be paid.

Paw-in-new-Picture-Pawfect-logo Can my children be in the photos?

During your photo session, I am happy to take a portrait photo of your family with your pet. Or a nice shot of your children playing with your dog. Yet, as a pet photographer I prefer taking photos mainly of your dog.

Paw-in-new-Picture-Pawfect-logo What if it’s raining on the day we scheduled my session?

The weather can be so unpredictable in New Zealand. Thus, photo sessions need to be postponed sometimes. Partly sunny is the ideal weather condition for an outdoor photography session. I always keep an eye on the weather forecast before your session. If I’m concerned about the weather, I will let you know if we need to postpone your session. My aim is to provide you with an extraordinary experience and stunning images. On a rainy, stormy or grey day I simply cannot take beautiful photos.

Paw-in-new-Picture-Pawfect-logo I live outside of Rotorua, and would love to book a session with you.

I travel all around the Bay of Plenty. Many of my clients are based in Tauranga, Mount Maunganui, Papamoa, Whakatane and Taupo. Depending on how far outside of Rotorua you are located, a travel fee may apply. Please contact me so I can provide you with a quote.