Meet Sarah

Being a passionate pet photographer, I feel so lucky to do what I love doing most. My aim is to make a difference in the lives of pet owners. By creating memorable, lasting and vibrant photographs of your much loved pet.

About Me. Sarah from Picture Pawfect Pet Photographer with her dogs.

I am a proud dog owner of a hyperactive, ball-chasing heading dog named Ruby and an independent Huntaway, Hazel. Ruby loves to play in the water, and I photograph her jumping into the lake or river while she is shaking herself off (on me and my camera!). For Ruby, it’s always playtime and she could not imagine a life without her tennis ball.

Hazel’s personality is a lot different, we call her Miss Independent. She loves to explore on her own so we scout interesting places together and I capture her when she’s off on her own adventures. When the sun is shining, she is the first one to find a nice spot on our back porch. While I have many action shots of Ruby, I have lots of portrait photos of Hazel.

When I am not photographing or editing images, you can find me running on trails, mountain biking, or working on creative projects around the house.

Being a pet photographer requires a lot of patience and it can be very challenging to get that perfect shot. Being the (almost) most patient person in this world, I’ll wait until your pet feels comfortable and relaxed so I can capture that special moment. Trust me, it doesn’t matter how long it takes!

Most of my photo sessions take place in outdoor locations in beautiful natural light. New Zealand offers some amazing and unique locations for pet photography, and I only choose the most stunning locations around the Bay of Plenty and beyond. Sometimes, a pet might feel more comfortable at home, or there may be a place where you feel a special connection with your pet. I would love to hear what your favourite location is.

I can’t wait to meet you and your furry friend.

With warmth,